How to Change Your Bluetooth Name on Android

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When you connect a device to an Android phone or tablet, the model name of the device is what you see. While this is usually a good identifier, sometimes it may not be the most useful. We will show you how to personalize the name.

The process of changing the Bluetooth name is simple, but it may vary depending on which Android device you have. Usually you look in the “Connected devices” section of the Settings menu. We’ll show you what it looks like on two different devices.

First, swipe up from the top of the screen once or twice and tap the gear icon to open the Settings menu.

open device settings

Next, tap “Connected devices” from the list.

select connected devices

Here’s where things can be a little different, depending on the manufacturer of your phone or tablet. On some devices, you will see “Connection preferences” …

tap connection preferences

… On the others, you will see “Bluetooth”.

press bluetooth

If you select “Connection Preferences”, you will now see “Bluetooth”.

select Bluetooth in connection preferences

The name of your device will be listed in the Bluetooth settings. On some devices, you can just tap the name to edit it …

tap the device name

… Others will require opening the three-point menu.

press edit phone name

Enter a new device name, then press “Rename” or “Save”.

enter the new device name

That’s it! Now when you try to connect to your Android device, this is the name you will see. If there are multiple devices of the same device in your home, changing the name can make it easier to find the right one.

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