How to Change Your iPhone and iPad Keyboard’s Language

Keyboard switching screen displayed on iPhone with new languageKhamosh Pathak

Your iPhone or iPad is generally preloaded with your keyboard defined in your regional language. But if you can’t find it or want to add a new keyboard language, here’s how to change your iPhone or iPad keyboard.

How to add a new keyboard language on iPhone or iPad

Let’s start by adding a new language keyboard to your iPhone or iPad.

Open the “Settings” application then access the “General” section.

Tap General in the Settings app on iPhone

Here, select the “Keyboard” option.

Select the Keyboards option in the Settings application

Now press the “Keyboards” button.

Tap the Keyboards option

You will see a list of all available keyboards. Here, tap on the option “Add a new keyboard”.

Tap Add new keyboard

Browse the list of available keyboards and tap the language you want to add.

Choose a new language to add

You will now see it in the list of keyboards. If you want to rearrange the list or remove a language from the list, press the “Edit” button in the upper right corner.

Press the Edit button in the Keyboards section

Tap and drag the Handle icon next to a keyboard to rearrange it.

Use the handle to rearrange keyboards

If you want to delete a keyboard, press the Minus (-) button, then press “Delete”.

Press the Delete button to delete a language

How to switch between keyboards on iPhone and iPad

Now that the new language keyboard has been added to your iPhone or iPad, let’s get started. Go to a text entry page, and then tap a text box to display the keyboard.

Press and hold the Globe icon in the lower left corner of the screen. (If you are using an older iPhone with a home button or an iPad, the Globe icon will appear in the bottom line of the keyboard.)

Press and hold the globe icon on the keyboard

You will now see a list of all available keyboards. Locate the new language keyboard added, and then tap it to change the language.

Choose the new language from the list

You can also quickly browse all available keyboards by tapping the Globe icon.

All you have to do is start typing with the new keyboard language!

Type away on the new language keyboard

If you run iOS 13 or higher on your iPhone, try the new one slide keyboard function to type more quickly with one hand.

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