How to Charge your iPhone With the New MacBook Pro

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On the latest MacBook Pro, Apple has replaced all ports with USB-C connections. This makes charging your phone more complicated because you can no longer use your Lightning to USB cable with your MacBook.

Apple wants the USB-C to be the new standard, and that is without a doubt a good connectorbut when switching the switch, you will need to use dongles and adapters to connect the devices left behind by Apple (which ironically includes the latest iPhone models).

Use a USB-C to Lightning adapter cable

USB-C to Lightning cable

The simplest solution is to completely abandon the old USB connector and switch to USB-C. Apple sells adapter cables that allow you to connect your phone directly to your laptop, no worries, but you can still get a third party cable for less on Amazon.

But there is a problem: you now have two charging cables, one to charge your MacBook and the other for charging from the wall. If it bothers you, you can interrupt wall charging and charge your phone only from your MacBook. You can also discard your old cable and connect your new cable to your computer. MacBook charger unit. This will allow you to reload the wall without your old cable, but you will not be able to juggle between recharging your MacBook or your phone, which use different connectors.

The easiest way is to get a USB-C wall block dedicated to your phone and keep it separate. You can find USB-C wall chargers on Amazon.

Get a USB-C to USB-A dongle

USB-C to USB key adapter

These adapters being practical, you will certainly want one for your MacBook. You plug the charger cable of your existing phone into the USB-A port of the adapter (the oldest and largest USB ports you've been using for years), and then plug the adapter into your MacBook, thus creating a bridge between the two. There are also multi-port hubs with many different connectors that will also work, provided they have a USB-A port to plug in. You can find all kinds of USB-C adapters on Amazon.

These dongles are a bit less convenient than simply switching to USB-C, but allow you to keep your current USB wall charger while being able to be loaded via your MacBook. They are also useful for connecting other USB devices to your MacBook. It is therefore advisable to have one, even if you prefer to use the USB-C cable to Lightning to charge your phone.


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