How to Check the Status of AppleCare on your Apple Devices

AppleCare cover

It does not matter if your Apple device is in its initial version AppleCare warranty period or covered by AppleCare +, checking your current coverage may be the first step in getting a repair. Here's how to check what's covered and what's not.

As many people have learned over the years, having Apple devices repaired outside of AppleCare can be expensive, especially given the current state of notebook repairability. Nothing is cheap when everything is glued or soldered on a logic board. You will probably hope that your repair tab will be recovered by Apple. If this is not the case, things can become expensive, quickly.

Fortunately, checking the AppleCare coverage is quite simple and you can check all your devices in one place.

How to check the AppleCare status for a single device

If you want to check the AppleCare coverage for a single device, you can take two different routes. To do this, you need the serial number of your device, but you can do it from any computer with a web browser and an Internet connection. The other is to download an iPhone or iPad application.

If you know the serial number of the device in question, go to and type the serial number in the corresponding box. You will also need to enter a security code to prove that you are human.

Enter your serial number and compete with CAPTCHA. Click Continue

When done, tap the "Continue" button to view information about your device, including whether it's covered by AppleCare or AppleCare +.

AppleCare Cover Explaner and Status

How to check the AppleCare status for all your devices

If you prefer to see all your devices in one place without entering a serial number, download the Apple App from the App Store and log in with your Apple ID. Once logged in, tap your account icon at the top of the screen.

Click on the icon of your account

Once the screen is loaded, press "Check Cover".

Click Check Cover

You will see a screen showing all the devices associated with your Apple ID, as well as a note indicating where it is currently covered by AppleCare or AppleCare +. You can tap a device to see more information about it.

View AppleCare Cover


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