How to Create and Use Sticky Notes on Mac

The Stickies app for macOS provides you with sticky notes for your desktop, turning your Mac into a virtual board and allowing you to write short pieces of text to remember later. The notes are office specific. So you can organize them as you wish. They retain their layout and content even after the application closes.

Start with tights

Stickies is an old application. Recent versions of macOS have buried it in the "Other" folder, as well as many other utilities. You can launch it from here or by searching it in Spotlight.

Immediately, two sample notes containing instructions and showing the appearance of Stickies on your desktop will be shown.

You can edit or close these notes and create your own by selecting File> New Note (or by pressing Command-N).

Once you have created a new note, you can write whatever you want and use whatever formatting you use in TextEdit or the Notes application.

Arrangement notes

Adhesives can be buried under any window you have opened. You can configure them so that they always appear at the top by activating the "Float Up" option in the Window menu.

You will have to do this for each note, so using Option + Command + F can save you a few mouse clicks.

If you do not want the notes to clog your screen, you can make them translucent from the same menu or with Option + Command + T. You can also make them translucent from the Window menu or with Command + M or by double-clicking on the title bar of the note:

This is useful and will make your notes much smaller, allowing you to keep more notes on your desktop without affecting your use of the rest of the system. You can even sort them automatically and organize them in a list in the upper left corner, using the "Arrange By" menu in the window settings.

Although it's not possible to change their placement, the placement at the top left blocks the title bar of many apps, but it's still a very useful feature to organize things.

You can also change the color in the "Color" menu or using the Command + 1 to Command + 6 keys:

You are limited to the classic colors of Post-It, but you can make a basic categorization.

Save your notes

Stickies automatically saves all changes made to your notes. You can close the application or restart your Mac without losing anything. The only way to permanently delete a note is to click on the box in the upper left corner of the note. This will require you to save when you try to close the note, allowing you to store the content as a text file. There is no "Save" option in the File menu, but you can use "Export Text", which will do the same thing.

If you prefer to use the Notes application, you can export all your current Stickies to Notes from the File menu by selecting "Export All to Notes".

They will appear in the Notes application in a new folder called "Imported Notes".

Some things may seem a little different, but they must keep their formatting and be sorted by color in separate folders.


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