How to Creep-Out Your Cocktails with Dry Ice

Four colorful cocktails with fog.
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If you are responsible for drinks this Halloween, step up your scary cocktail party. A block of dry ice will create a scary fog that will be perfect for your favorite drinks.

Nothing says Halloween like the presence of a dense and disturbing haze. Whether it's floating in the halls of the undead or being pumped on a dance floor by a poorly paid DJ, the fog is still a scary manifestation of this haunted vacation. And while fog machines are fun, we think the best way to include this ghostly sadness is to place your cocktail at the top.

That's true; we are talking about putting dry ice in drinks. The thought itself is scary to some since the dry ice is not edible. But do not worry, we promise to show you how to keep it scary while staying safe. Friends and family are sure to panic when you give them a drink to smoke.

So, let's brew some champagne (or open a bottle) and make a magic fog.

All about dry ice

If you add a few cubes of dry ice to a cocktail, scary mists come off the glass. This is a tip that will delight adults, and it's incredibly easy to recreate.

Let's start with the facts. Dry ice is carbon dioxide maintained at -110 F. At this temperature, CO2 becomes a solid. The second it begins to heat up, it sublimates itself in gas. You've probably already seen carbon dioxide in the state of gas around Halloween, bubbling in plastic cauldrons or crawling behind a well-designed funerary stele. But its effects are greatly improved in smaller containers, such as a drinking glass. So, his appearance in scary cocktails.

You can buy dry ice at most grocery stores. However, you must ask a store employee to get it from you because touching it without safety equipment is dangerous. It is usually sold in blocks of one or two pounds and should be relatively cheap.

You need a 1-inch piece of ice cream per smoking cocktail, but we suggest you buy a little more than you think you need. Dry ice sublimates quickly, even if you keep it in the freezer. That's why we recommend you buy it a few hours before your party. In this way, it will last all night.

And, of course, we must include security information. First, always wear gloves when handling dry ice. If you touch it unprotected for more than ten seconds, it can cause frostbite. Children, in particular, should never be allowed to touch dry ice or to drink a glass containing dry ice.

Finally, never put dry ice in a sealed container, especially a glass, because the process of sublimation would create excessive pressure and break it.

Carbon ice cream in cocktails

Now that you have found the magic ingredient, let's explain how to put it in your cocktails. As it is sold in blocks of one or two pounds, the first step is to break the dry ice into cubes. You will need a flathead screwdriver, a towel, goggles and a hammer.

First, put the glasses on. This prevents dry ice chips from permanently damaging the eyes. Then place the dry ice, always in its plastic bag, on the towel. This will help keep it solid. Open the plastic surrounding the dry ice, then use the hammer and screwdriver to chisel pieces of one inch. The pieces should break easily with just a few gentle patches.

Always use tongs to add the pieces to your cocktails and tell your guests not to eat the ice cube. This is usually not a problem because the dry ice is thick and, unlike an ordinary ice cube, it will sink to the bottom of the glass. To be safe, tell customers that their drinks are not ready to drink until the "smoke" has dissipated. It takes about three to five minutes.

If you want to play safer, there is specialty cocktail and stroke glasses that will hold the dry ice at the bottom of the glass. With these glasses, your guests can sip their Halloween cocktails without worry.

Perfect cocktail glasses for dry ice

For the most phantasmagorical effects, serve brightly colored cocktails. The reds, greens, and blues look better under a layer of smoke. Thus, grenadine, blue curacao and Midori should be staple foods at your Halloween bar. Fortunately, all three make incredible cocktails!

Deadly mists and scary mists are common on Halloween night. Take them out of the graveyard and put them in your drinks with the magic of dry ice. It's affordable, easy to use and will even scare the toughest minds.

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