How to Customize the Recommendations Row on Android TV

When you launch Android TV, the first thing you see is a list of movies and shows that the system thinks you will like. It is often full of the latest news or the hottest news, but sometimes it can happen things that match your interests and the applications you have installed. The fact is that you can actually optimize this row to show only suggestions of the applications you want.

The whole point of the recommendations line is, of course, to engage in the applications that are currently installed on your system, some of them that you may never open otherwise. By default, all applications that work with the recommendation line (primarily TV, movies, or music apps) will be activated as soon as they are installed.

But what if you do not want Crackle to appear with every new movie you've ever seen? Or maybe you never use Play Movies, and do not care what's hot on the service right now? Damn, maybe you do not care about YouTube's suggestions (which I often find trashy). Cool-you can disable them.

With your Android TV turned on and on the main screen, scroll down to the bottom line and click on the gear icon. This will take you to the Settings menu.

From there, scroll to the "Home Screen" entry and click on it.

The first option here is "Row Recommendations", which is exactly what you are looking for. If you already have hidden content, it will be displayed here too.

At this point, simply scroll down the list and disable any application you do not want to display in the list. Enjoy your new cleaner home screen experience.

If you ever decide to invite any of these intrusive applications into the recommendations line, simply return to this menu and reactivate it.

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