How to Delete Multiple Contacts at Once on iPhone

User deletes multiple contacts at once on iPhoneKhamosh Pathak

IPhone software has evolved a lot since its release. Despite its evolution, Apple’s Contacts app on iPhone is still fairly straightforward. You can’t even delete multiple contacts in the app. But don’t worry, there is an app for it!

While Apple clearly doesn’t seem to want any additional organizing features for the Contacts app, there are plenty of third-party apps to help you out. the Contact groups The app offers a simple option that lets you select and delete multiple contacts from your contact book.

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The free version of the app allows you to delete 10 contacts at a time and repeat the process as many times as you want. To remove the limit, you can subscribe to the pro version of the Contact Groups app, which costs $ 1.99 / year or $ 5.99 for a lifetime purchase.

After downloading the contact groups, allow the application to access your contacts by pressing the “OK” button.

Tap OK in the pop-up window to give permission to contacts

The app is designed to help you create and manage contact groups. As part of its core feature set, it also has a separate contact management section. Go to the “Contacts” tab to start the process.

Go to the Contacts tab in the Groups app

Here, press the “Select” button in the upper left corner.

Press the Select button in the Contacts tab

You can now scroll through your contact book and select the contacts you want to delete.

Then, in the lower toolbar, press the “Delete” button.

Choose multiple contacts to delete and then tap on Delete option

In the pop-up message, press the “Delete” button again to confirm.

Tap Delete to delete the contacts

And just like that, you will find that the contacts will be deleted from Apple’s built-in Contacts app. You reopen the Contacts app and search for a contact to confirm.

If you don’t want to use a third-party app, you can use the Contacts app to delete contacts one by one. You can also use the iCloud website on your iPad or Mac to delete multiple contacts from your iCloud account.

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