How to Delete Your Alexa Recordings by Voice


Amazon is today deploying new privacy features for Alexa. In addition to an educational "privacy hub", the company allows you to vocally delete your stored records. But it's disabled by default; you will need to activate a switch.

Whenever you use the Alexa command word, it sends your voice to Amazon's servers. Amazon keeps your record indefinitely, and unlike Google Assistantyou can not prevent this behavior. Until now, your only recourse was to use the Alexa app or log in to the Amazon Privacy Dashboard to delete your records by hand.

Now Amazon is working to give you a better understanding of its privacy policies and a faster way to delete your records.

Amazon introduces privacy hub and voice suppression

Alexa Privacy Center, displaying information about the waking word, indicators, etc.

The new Amazon privacy center, unveiled on May 29, 2019, is a centralized place to learn more about Alexa's privacy policies and how features like the word standby and indicator lights work. It also gives access to Alexa's privacy settings. Previously, you had to find all this information scattered on different web pages. It is therefore nice to display them all in the same place.

But the most important new feature that Amazon has just introduced is the ability to delete some of your stored records by talking to Alexa. "Some of" are the keywords here – you can not delete any voices older than today's orders.

While Amazon offers this feature to everyone, it's an inclusion process. The company explains that once activated, anyone with access to your Echo devices can delete your recordings. The idea is therefore to give you control of your data and to avoid "unintended deletions". This is a strange choice because Alexa confirms your intention before deleting. Recordings.

To register, log in to Alexa privacy dashboard, click on "Review Voice History", then select the "Enable deletion by voice" check box. You can now say "erase everything I said today." According to Engadgetyou should also be able to say "delete what I just said", but it did not work in our tests and the Amazon site makes no reference to this command. Maybe this feature is coming.

An increased control of your voice recordings is a definite plus, but we still hope that Alexa will follow the example of Google and allow you to use Alexa without storing your voice recordings. Nevertheless, we will take what we can get.

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