How to Disable and Remove Windows 10 Account Sync Settings

Windows 10 allows you to synchronize the settings of all the devices you sign into with your Microsoft account. Some of these settings include themes, language preferences, and passwords. But what if you do not want your old settings transferred? Here's how to disable and delete all account synchronization settings on Windows 10.

How do the sync settings work?

Sync settings have been introduced with Windows 8 and are available for any Windows 10 device to which you sign in with your Microsoft account.

By default, when you enable Synchronization settingsWindows downloads various system settings and preferences to OneDrive. When you connect to another device with the same account and also have sync settings enabled, these settings are all transferred. This is useful if, for example, you want your desktop and laptop to look alike, or if you want to keep all your settings during a new installation.

Here is a list of the settings that are synchronized with your Microsoft account:

Theme – Screen background, user thumbnail, taskbar position, and so on.
Passwords – Windows credentials manager, including Wi-Fi profiles
Language preferences – Spelling dictionary, system language settings
Ease of access – Narrator, on-screen keyboard, magnifying glass
Other Windows settingsA complete list of other Windows settings

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How to disable account synchronization settings on a device

Disabling synchronization settings in Windows 10 allows you to limit the information that Microsoft sends to the cloud and stores on their servers. Whether you want to disable a setting or stop syncing, here's how you can control your settings once and for all.

Note: If you have multiple devices that use all sync settings with your Microsoft account, you must follow these steps so that each device disables and completely deletes the sync settings.

Open the Settings application by clicking the Start button and then clicking the Settings cog. You can also press Win + I.

In the Settings window, click the "Accounts" option.

On the left side of the Accounts page, click "Synchronize your settings."

If you still like to sync some of your settings across multiple devices but want to limit the amount of information stored, try disabling specific options under the "Individual Sync Settings" header.

Otherwise, to completely disable sync settings, set the main switch "Sync Settings" to the "Off" position. This completely disables all suboptions.

How to remove sync settings

Disabling synchronization settings prevents your device from transferring or receiving settings to OneDrive. That's maybe all you want to do. For example, if you have multiple computers and want most of them to synchronize, you can turn off synchronization settings on those that you do not want to synchronize.

However, if you have turned off sync settings on all your devices, you can also delete all settings stored in OneDrive. Perhaps you do not intend to reuse the feature, and would you simply like to remove that information from OneDrive, or might you just want to remove all settings, and then re-enable sync settings on your devices for a new start? Anyway, here's how to proceed.

Note: To delete all data from your OneDrive account, you must first disable synchronization settings on all devices connected to your Microsoft account.

Launch your browser and go to the Delete your personal settings from the cloud OneDrive page. Scroll down and click "Delete" to delete the settings stored in the cloud. If you need to log in, use the account from which you want to delete the configuration information.

Click "Yes" when asked to confirm.

Your account settings are now removed from Microsoft servers. Any new devices you sign in with your Microsoft account will not retain any settings from your old PC. And if you re-enable sync settings on any of your devices, these settings will be saved again in OneDrive.

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