How to Disable GeForce Experience’s Reward Advertisements

NVIDIA's GeForce Experience software now features notification announcements for free games. If you do not want pop-up notification windows to appear for games you've never played when you try to use your computer, here's how to disable them

This is one of the many features of GeForce Experience, including Alt + Z notification and overlay icons in game that you can disable.

How to disable notification announcements

Start by running the GeForce Experience tool. You can do this by clicking on the ad itself or by opening the Start menu, searching for "GeForce" and running the "GeForce Experience" shortcut.

Click the "Settings" button in the form of a gear located in the upper right corner of the GeForce Experience window.

Click the "General" tab on the left side of the window if it has not yet been selected

Scroll down in the General window and uncheck the notification "Reward is available". You will always receive notifications when driver updates are available.

How to access rewards, if you care about those

Even if you disable reward notifications, these "rewards" are still available in the GeForce Experience application. When a reward is available, you will see a green badge on the bell-shaped Notifications icon in the GeForce Experience window. Click the "Notifications" icon to see your rewards available and other notifications.

For example, we saw an advertising award for objects in the free Paragon game, so the "Paragon Loot" award is available here

It 's great that NVIDIA offers free "rewards" that some players might be concerned about, but the elements of a free game that we have never played before are wary of " an advertisement – and we do not need graphics utility driver displaying ads on our Windows desktop, thank you.

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