How to Disable Motion Smoothing on a Sony TV

Some recent Sony TVs include a built-in feature called "Motionflow" by Sony, which is Sony's implementation of motion smoothing, and can make the image of your TV too smooth.

What is Motionflow?

Motionflow works by increasing the number of frames per second of the content you are watching. The refresh rate of your screen (usually 60 Hz or 120 Hz) is often much higher than the number of frames per second of a movie or TV (usually 24 fps or 30 fps ). By increasing the number of frames per second, you benefit from the high refresh rate of your TV.

To do this, he looks for the missing images and inserts them between the real images. However, the end result is often unclear, as it is difficult to get the intermediate images correctly. In addition, the high frame rates are unsatisfactory for most of the content viewed on your TV, resulting in a weird "soap opera effect" that can make your movies feel extreme.

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How to turn it off

Picture settings on a Sony TVSony

Your TV may vary, but most Sony TVs hide settings made in the "Picture" settings of the menu. From there, you can set different levels for Motionflow.

Motionflow options on a Sony TVSony

You must choose "Off" if you want to disable it completely. Some TVs may hide it under an additional "Advanced Settings" tab. On Sony Android TVs, you can turn Motionflow off only by turning on the TV's game mode (because Motionflow adds a lot of delay to the input and must be turned off for games).

Sony seems to change its menus each year, and these vary depending on the models. If you have a problem finding the option, it's best to consult your TV manual. you can find online.


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