How to Disable Notifications During Video Playback on a PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 notifications always appear on what you're doing, which is especially odious when watching videos on Netflix, YouTube or your local library . With system firmware update 5.0 from the PS4, it is now possible to disable notifications when watching videos in any application

Disabling context-sensitive notifications while watching videos

To change this setting, go to Settings> Notifications on your PlayStation 4.

You can also access this menu by opening the Notifications screen, pressing the "Options" button on your controller, and selecting "Notification Settings".

Check the "Disable notifications while playing video" check box. That's all!

How to disable contextual notifications all the time

If you do not want pop-up notifications to appear on your screen at any time (for example, if you do not want them to appear while you are playing a game), you can disable context-sensitive notifications entirely of this screen, too.

To do this, select "Contextual Notifications" and uncheck "Show Contextual Notifications". You can also choose to uncheck certain types of contextual notifications here. For example, you can enable notifications for incoming messages, but disable notifications that appear when you win a trophy in a game.

If you are concerned that sensitive messages will appear on the screen while others are watching, you can uncheck the option "Show message in notification" Screen. Your PlayStation 4 will not display the message text in the pop-up window.

Whatever options you change, you will continue to receive notifications. They will not display immediately on your screen. You can always check your notifications from the Notifications screen of your PS4 to see what happened while you were busy.

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