How to Disable or Enable Tap to Click on a PC’s Touchpad

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Windows laptops often allow you to tap one or more fingers on the touchpad or trackpad to click. If it bothers you, you can turn it off or turn it on if it doesn't work.

Different laptops have the possibility in different places

Typically, you can press with one finger to left click and touch with two fingers to right click. This option is relatively easy to turn on and off, although it can be found in different places depending on the touchpad hardware included by your laptop manufacturer and how it has been set up. If you turn off tap-to-click, you can still click by pressing the trackpad or pressing the buttons.

Many modern Windows laptops have Precision touchpads. If your laptop does, you can configure tap-to-click and other touchpad settings directly in the Windows 10 Settings app.

How to deactivate or activate Tap to Click

To check if these features are available on your PC, go to Settings> Devices> Touchpad. (You can quickly open the Settings app by pressing Windows + i on your keyboard.)

Under Taps, activate or deactivate the options "Tap with one finger for one click", "Tap with two fingers to right click" and "Tap twice and drag to make a multiple selection". The exact options available depend on your PC. But if you don't see them, your PC doesn't have a precision touchpad and these options need to be configured elsewhere.

Disable tap-to-click in the Windows 10 Settings app.

If you don't see the options here, you can probably click "Additional Settings" under Associated Settings in the touchpad settings pane.

Opening additional touchpad settings in Windows 10.

This will usually open the settings panel for your touchpad in the old Mouse Properties window.

On an HP laptop with a Synaptics touchpad, this brought us to the "ClickPad Settings" pane. We could click on "ClickPad Settings" to access the touchpad settings.

(You can also find these options by going to Control Panel> Hardware and Sound> Mouse and looking for touchpad options. Your laptop's touchpad drivers have been added to this window. This is where you'll find them on Windows 7 PCs.)

Launch Synaptics ClickPad settings on an HP laptop.

We could then completely disable "Tapping" or disable "Two-Finger Tap", "Three-Finger Tap" or "Four-Finger Tap". Finally, we could save the settings by double-clicking "OK".

Disable tap-to-click in the Synaptics touchpad settings window.

Again, the exact options available, as well as the names of all the settings here, will depend on the manufacturer of your laptop, how it configured your touchpad, and the drivers it used. While many laptops have Synaptics touchpads and will look like this, some have ELAN touchpads.

In some cases, some laptops may not even offer an option that allows you to disable tap-to-click. However, most laptops offer this option.

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