How to Disable Swipe Typing on the iPhone’s Keyboard

Apple iPhone Scan KeyboardJustin Duino

Android has been supporting swipe keyboards for over five years. Finally, Apple introduces the swipe on the keyboard of the iPhone with iOS 13. The feature is enabled by default. If you do not like it, here's how to disable the slide to type.

Disable Swipe Typing on iPhone

Start by opening the "Settings" application. If you can not find it, use the Spotlight search to locate the application.

Apple iPhone click settings

Then scroll down and select "General".

Apple iPhone Click General

Press "Keyboard".

Apple iPhone Keyboard Click

Disable the "Drag to Type" option to disable the scan keyboard. Select the flip-flop again to reactivate the function.

Apple iPhone Toggle Off Slide to Type

Disable Slide-To-Type by Word

The only personalization feature offered to iPhone users by Apple is the ability to disable the "Remove Slide-to-Type by Word" option. With this option enabled, if you press the Back button, the last word "scanned" will be deleted.

You can disable this feature, but keep the sweep keyboard, by selecting Settings> General> Keyboard. From there, disable "Delete Slide Type by Type".

Apple iPhone Toggle Off Remove Drag to Type by Word

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