How to Disable the Beeper on the Schlage Connect Smart Lock

The Schlage Connect is a great smart lock, but it beeps annoyingly every time you push a button and lock or unlock it. Here’s how to disable it for good, either on the lock itself or from your phone.

First of all, do not confuse the beeper of the lock with its alarm, these are two different things. The audible signal is there to confirm the unlocking or successful locking of the smart lock when using the keypad, as well as to confirm each press of a number. The alarm is there to prevent unwanted from entering your home without your permission.

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Before you begin, you must know the programming code for your lock, which is located on the back of the inside of the unit. You should have noted it before installing the lock in the first place but if not, you will have to dismount it and write the programming code. This is necessary to put the lock in programming mode, which allows you to change and manage the lock settings, including disabling the beep.


Disable beeping on the lock itself

To begin, open your door and extend the deadbolt until it is locked (you will start all the programming). From there, press the Schlage button at the top of the keyboard, then enter your six-digit programming code (again, you’ll start all programming this way).

After that, press “5” and you will get two blinks of the green tick, as well as two beeps. You will do the same to activate the audible signal again, only you will get a green check mark and a beep.

That’s all! It’s quite simple to do, but it’s even simpler with your phone.

Disable the beep of your phone

To disable the beeper from your phone, you must first connect the smart lock to a smarthome hub, if it is already done. In my case, I use the Wink Hub 2 with the Wink application. Take a look at our installation guide to find out how. You can use another hub and it should follow a similar process.

Select your lock in the app, and then tap the gear icon settings in the upper right corner of the screen.

When the pop-up menu appears, tap “Front Door” under “Locks”. Keep in mind that your lock might be named differently than “Doorway”.

Then scroll down and press “Alarm + Security”.

Press the rocker switch to the right of “Beeper” to disable it.

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