How to Disable Windows 10’s Annoying Focus Assist Notifications

Message Cortana Focus Assist in Action Center

The Focus Assist feature of Windows 10 automatically hides notifications when you play or use other applications in full screen. But Cortana loves to announce that her notifications are silenced. Here's how to disable these annoying notifications from Focus Assist.

Focus Assist is the Do Not Disturb mode of Windows 10. When this option is enabled, incoming notifications are automatically hidden, so they do not appear and do not bother you when you play a game, give a presentation, or use applications in full screen. Focus Assist can also automatically disable notifications during certain hours of the day. You will see notifications when you exit Focus Assist mode. However, Cortana will announce aloud "I will send your notifications in Action Center" while you play a game, in full screen mode, or duplicate your display. Here's how to silence these messages.

To configure Focus Assist, go to Settings> System> Focus Assist. (You can quickly open the Settings window by pressing Windows + i.)

Debugging support options in Windows 10 settings

Under Auto Rules, click the name of an automatic rule. For example, to turn off Focus Assist notifications that appear when you play a game, click "When I play a game."

Viewing detailed auto rule options for Focus Assist

Clear the "Show notification in the action center when focus assistance is automatically enabled" checkbox.

Disabling Cortana Focus Assist notifications

Repeat this procedure for each other type of automatic rule: "During these times," "When I duplicate my display," "When I play a game," and "When I use an application in full-screen mode." . "Each automatic rule has its own separate notification setting.

If you also want to disable the summary messages that appear when you exit Focus Assist automatically, uncheck the "Show a summary of what I missed while focus assistance was enabled" checkbox at the bottom of the list. automatic rules.

Focus Assist Automatic Rules in Windows 10

Focus Assist has been designed to stay quiet. Why did Cortana then make an announcement saying that he would not warn you? This way, you are at least aware that Focus Assist is enabled. In general, Focus Assist does not silence notifications without notifying you, which ensures you do not miss important notifications. But Microsoft should really make the notification options easier to find because they are rather hidden.

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