How to DIY Your Next Move Without Going Insane

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Relocating is stressful, regardless of the case, but it is also expensive. This is why many people opt for DIY and keep costs down. Here are some tips for making your next move yourself.

Let's look at the details of a move, such as recruiting friends, extra help, the best boxes to use and tips for packing and unpacking. Do not worry, you have it all!

Recruit all your friends

Try to spend the day of the move surrounded by as many friends as possible. The more hands you have on the bridge, the easier and more fun it will be. Those who are not strong enough to lift heavy boxes can do random work, such as carrying last minute donations to the savings store, picking pizzas, or cleaning up.

You can ask friends, colleagues, family members and even the caretaker to help you. The more we are crazy, the more we laugh and quickly.

It is also worthwhile to hire help. They will help you load and unload, but do not drive the truck. They also receive an hourly rate (plus tip). You can look in Hire an assistantas well as small businesses that recruit local students. Just make sure the hired helpers are bonded or insured.

Reimburse your friends forever. Most are happy to help in exchange for pizzas, ice cream bars, snacks or a chilled beer at the end of the day. Do not forget to have bottled water on hand. If you move around, a home-cooked meal for everyone once you've settled in your new location is a nice bonus.

Make sure you play catchy melodies to keep everyone's spirits up and try to prevent someone from feeling overworked.

Book your vehicle and your equipment

When it comes to moving, you have to coordinate and program everything yourself. Make sure you plan well in advance, as trucks and trailers can make reservations, especially if your move is for a long weekend or if the day is suspended.

Here are some details to consider when booking your moving equipment.

Rent a truck

Most truck rental companies specify the approximate size of their trucks, for example "large enough to hold one or two bedrooms". If you move in about 30 minutes from your current location, a smaller truck usually fits. as you can make several trips. Smaller trucks are also cheaper, easier to drive and easier to park in narrow streets. However, if you go further, particularly across the country, a bigger truck is the answer.

Do not forget that the estimated space in a truck is based on storing everything. You have to decide if you just want to throw cards or make a Tetris game.

Ask about insurance, the cost of mileage and if there is a drop off point near your destination. Also check the hours of operation as some rental locations have a drop-off service after hours and some do not.

Rent a trailer

If you move nearby, loading a trailer and making multiple trips is another great option. Just make sure your vehicle can handle a heavy load. If you have a lot of things, renting a truck is a much better option.

Use moving containers

Another popular option for the mover is a moving container. These are commonly known as PODS. You can use it instead of a truck or with your truck / trailer. The company drops the moving container, you spend a week or two (or a month) filling it, then it sends it to your destination. Not ready to move into your new home? No problem. They can store the container in their warehouse and deliver it when you are ready.

Some popular companies that offer moving containers include U-Haul, PODS, U-Pack, Smart Box, and 1-800-Pack-Rat.

Other supplies

The hands of a woman taping a box with a tape gun.Africa Studio / Shutterstock

You may want to rent (or buy) other supplies during your stay, such as moving carts, upholstery, straps, etc.

When it comes to boxes and packaging material, you can often find moving boxes used on Craigslist or on local Facebook groups. You can go to the grocery store and get free boxes of different sizes, but we recommend using appropriate moving boxes. They are more durable and the uniform sizes make it easy to pack in your truck.

Moving boxes are not that expensive if you have to buy them yourself. These Boxes of bankers They are perfect for packing and moving books. They are strong, durable, with easy grip handles and foldable flaps. No tape is needed. And remember that you realize overall savings because professional moving companies charge such high prices.

Get the right packing tape, not the shop tape at a great price. The last thing you need is a box that explodes during transit. And buy a lot more tape than you think you need: time flies!

You can save in advance Amazon's packaging materials and other places where you receive parcels. You can also use towels, washcloths, cloth towels, pillowcases or even bed sheets to pack your valuables.

Check your insurance

Nobody likes to think about "what if", but the truth is that it's hard to move and keep everything on top. And yes, even moving companies are known to break business!

Check the details of your renters or homeowners insurance before the day of the move. There may be special clauses regarding the move in general, the fact that friends manage your things and what to do if something breaks. Some policies even cover your belongings while they are in the truck or container.

These are essential information to know in advance so that you can make sure your business is properly protected.

Packing tips

The more prepared you are, the faster the move (and your friends will be happy). So be sure to book a little time each day to pack your bags (you can start a month in advance if you have a lot of things).

Here are some quick and easy packaging tips to stay focused and on track:

Purge, purge, purge: Take this opportunity to get rid of as many things as possible. If you have not been using it for more than six months or a year, it is likely that you will not use it in the future.
Attack one piece at a time: Instead of bouncing from room to room and carrying some luggage here and there, we suggest you tackle one room at a time. Get it completely packaged, then move on to the next one. Be sure to empty the cupboard, check under the bed, empty all drawers and remove all hooks and posters.
Stack everything in one area: This makes it easier when your friends or hired employees load the truck. Preferably, stack your boxes near the front of your house, as in the living room. Try placing the heavier items / boxes near the front so that they are loaded first. Leave room for people to walk past the boxes and grab the furniture, such as your couch, bed, table, etc.
Label each box: Sometimes towards the end of the package, we lose our diligence and just start throwing things into boxes. That's fine, but be sure to indicate which room these objects came from. So when you search for your nail clippers, you can start opening all the "bathroom" boxes. Avoid mixing parts, such as adding crockery to your book box, as you will have more space. You do not want to be forced to go on a treasure hunt when you unpack.
Carry your valuables yourself: Think about moving your most valuable items into your car, while someone else drives the truck. In this way, you can monitor them and they will not get fired (or broken) in the truck.
Take a suitcase "essentials": Treat your move as a vacation and pack in an easy-to-identify suitcase for clothes, toiletries, snacks, chargers and other essentials for a week. Do the same for each member of the family. Thus, if you have trouble finding specific objects, you will at least have the necessary basics.
Use post-it notes to guide your team in motion: Try to enter your new home before the arrival of your moving team and indicate where you want to go with post-it and a Sharpie. This way, people will know where to put the sofa, your bed, a particular shelf, etc. You can always change things later, but you'll be grateful when your bed ends up in your room and not your child's.

Moving can be stressful, expensive and fun. But it is not obliged! Invite your friends, grab a lot of snacks, listen to music and motivate everyone. With a solid and fun team, the hours go by and you will be settled in your new home before you know it. And think of all the money you'll save by doing it yourself!

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