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Have you ever wondered how YouTube Simmers gets their personalized content – commonly called “CC” – in their Sims 4 game? Electronic Arts has never released an official tutorial on downloading CC in The Sims 4, and there are many YouTube tutorials out there, but they can be vague.

Custom content, or “Mods,” is additional assets and behaviors created by other players for the purpose of enriching the game beyond the basic game that Maxis has released. This content often includes clothes for your Sims, traits, aspirations and much more. Personalized content is created and tested by users. It’s a big part of the Sims community.

In fact, Maxis encourages and supports the modding community! You can read more about it on The Sims 4 Game mods and updates FAQ page.

So here is a detailed tutorial on how to activate and download mods in The Sims 4 on Windows 10.

Configure custom content

Find and open your Resource.cfg file

After launching The Sims 4 and activating mods in your game, locate the Mods folder for The Sims 4. The default path to your Sims 4 folder is in your Documents folder. The Mods folder will be generated inside the Sims 4 folder once you launch the game with the mods activated. In the Mods folder, there is a “Resource.cfg” file. Right-click to open it using a simple text editing program, such as Notepad. You should see something like this, but on one line:

Priority 500
PackedFile * .package
PackedFile * / *. package
PackedFile * / * / *. package
PackedFile * / * / * / *. package
PackedFile * / * / * / * / *. package
PackedFile * / * / * / * / * / *. package

This shows how many files in depth the system will check for mods / CC. The number of asterisks is equal to the number of files in depth. There should be six by default, as shown here. If you want to add more, just follow the same pattern.

Create new folders in the Mods folder

This is especially true for people who don’t have folders in the Mods folder yet or who have created folders, but there’s nothing in them. If you already have a few files containing stuff, but a bunch of stuff that isn’t, go ahead and follow it.

Create folders titled “Build / Buy” and “CAS”. By creating folders to start with, you’ll be better prepared to keep your files organized later.

Activate mods in your game

After launching the Sims 4 game, you will see a three-dot icon in the upper right corner of the main menu. When you click on it, you get the settings menu. Click on the “Other” tab and then select the “Activate personalized content and mods” option.

It was the easy part. Go ahead and also activate “Authorized script mods”. When the boxes are checked in green, it means that the mods have been activated.

Activate Sims 4 Mods

Make sure the Mods folder is now in your EA folder

When you downloaded your game, you chose a folder in which to install The Sims 4. Go to it and find the Mods folder. You can usually find it in Documents> Electronic Arts> The Sims 4> Mods, but you may have installed it somewhere else. We recommend that you use the built-in search area of ​​File Explorer to help you locate the folder.

The Sims 4 Mods

Choose a mod and download

When you click and download mods, it is very important to read the fine print. You will come across a wide selection of CCs compatible with the base game (no pack required), however, many available mods will require a pack for one reason or another (such as re-texture of an element in the base game).

For the purposes of this tutorial, I have chosen a few mods compatible with the base game which are linked below. You will see that all of these mod pages say “compatible with the base game” in the description:

Note: The “Women’s Fall Collection” has separate files, so you can choose what you want to download. Packages sometimes come separately, but not always. Sometimes a bundle is only available as a merged content pack.

Here is a quick list of my favorite and trusted CC sites:

Move the files to your Mods folder

Locate the downloaded files on your computer, and then move them manually to the The Sims 4 Mods folder.

In the Mods folder, create a Mods Tutorial sub-folder (any name will suffice) and move all the “.package” files from the downloads folder to the Mods Tutorial folder. The CCs that appear in the “Create a household” screen (clothes, hair, accessories, etc.) will be stored in the “CAS” folder, Build / Buy CC should go to the “Build Buy Mods” folder, etc.

The Sims 4 Mods Tutorial

Keeping your files organized can help you identify the corrupt files that are causing problems in your game. Additionally, by placing the new downloaded mods in a separate folder, you can launch the game and decide whether or not you like the new mods that you downloaded. We suggest that you store the newly downloaded CCs in a folder called “new mods” for organizational purposes.

If you launch the game and decide you don’t like what you’ve downloaded, it’s easy to navigate to the new folder and determine the file to delete.

The Sims 4 Mods

The screenshot above includes the filenames for the downloaded content linked earlier in this article for this how-to guide.

Start your game!

Once in the “Create a household” screen, click on the “Hair” section. If you are unable to find the personalized content that you have downloaded, click on the small arrow next to “Female”, click on the content and check the box next to “Personalized content” so that the hair section displays only the custom content that you have downloaded. You can activate this filter on all screens, even in Build / Buy!

The Hair section of Create a household

What is a Mod versus a Mod Script?

Now that you’ve tried Sims 4 custom content a bit, you may be wondering why we turned on script mods. Script mods are coding mods that can change game behavior, as opposed to preexisting Maxis coding. A popular script mod is The Sims 4 MC Command Center Mod created by the user, Deaderpool.

The MC Command Center Mod has an abundance of options in the form of several modules that address different functionalities: adjusting household bills, making selected sims immortal, pregnancies and even creating story progression style mechanisms. Just about anything you can think of, this mod can do, and it is updated regularly.

We have already explained how to activate script mods, but where do you place the MC Command Center mod in the Mods folder?

First, make sure that the modules and packages are placed in the same folder and that the folder does not have more than one level of depth in the mod folder structure of The Sims 4. For example, The Sims 4 Mods MCCC is correct, but The Sims 4 Mods Script Mods MCCC is not.

The Sims 4 MCC

The Sims 4 client will only reach one level when searching for script mods. In the screenshot above, you will see that the “McCmdCenter” file is at the very top level of the Mods folder. If you don’t do it right, script mods won’t appear in your game.

Save and save your Sims 4 folder

As a general rule, always back up your Sims 4 file to a USB key or an external disk in the event of a disaster. Right click on your file, then select “Copy” (Ctrl + C on your keyboard), navigate to the safe location you created, then right click and select “Paste” (Ctrl + V on your keyboard) in the new location.

This ensures that you have an updated copy of your game (Sims families and your mods) if you have to reinstall the game. Building a collection takes time, and losing progress is bothersome, as is losing data recorded for any other video game.

And that’s about it! Remember, you should always contact the mod owner to report bugs or if you have any questions.

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