How to Download Steam Games to Your PC From Your Phone

Steam allows you to remotely install games from your smartphone, just like you do with a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. You can download games to your gaming computer from anywhere, making sure the big downloads are complete and the game is ready to play when you get home. You can also do it from any web browser.

What you need to know

This only works if you are connected to Steam on a PC and if Steam is currently running on this PC. The PC must be on, not in standby or hibernation mode . Many PCs are set to automatically go to sleep and hibernate by default, and this is a good setting for saving power. You will need to decide if it is worthwhile to disable a useful energy saving setting.

To make sure your PC does not go to sleep or hibernate when you're not there, go to Control Panel> System and Security> Power Options> Change When the computer is idle. Set it to "Never". You can still manually start Sleep mode from the Start menu.

How to install a steam game from your phone

You can access this feature using Valve's official Steam mobile app, available from Google Play for Android Apple App Store for iPhone and even Windows Store for Windows Phone . Install the Steam app on your smartphone and log in with the account you use in Steam on your desktop.

Once you are logged in, press the menu button at the top left of the app and press "Library" to view your game library.

At the top of the Library page, you will see your Current Steam Login, which tells you which PC you are currently connected to Steam. This is the PC on which you will install games. You can use the filter box to search for specific games or sort by name or play time and browse your entire library.

If a game is currently installed on your PC, you will see it as "Ready to Play". If a game is not yet installed, you can click the download button located to the right of the game name to start installing it.

Once you have started a download you will see the download progress on this page. You can also pause and resume downloads using the buttons here.

You can also buy games in the Steam mobile app and immediately start downloading them in Steam on your PC.

If you have a product key from a physics game or a website that sells Steam keys, you can now activate those keys when you don`t. are not at Steam. Go to Web Page Activate a Product on Steam and provide the CD Key or Product Code. You will need to do this in your web browser because the option is not built into the Steam mobile app, but you can still do it through your phone's web browser.

The Steam app also provides other useful features, such as a code-generating feature that works with Steam Guard to secure your Steam account. You can configure Steam to require code generated by the application on your phone each time you log in, in addition to your password. It is also necessary to confirm transactions in the Steam community market, which is essential when you sell your Steam trading cards for Steam Credit .

How to install a game of Steam from a Web Browser

You can also do this from the Steam website in any web browser. Be sure to connect only to Steam on trusted computers.

To do this, visit the Steam website and log in with the same account you are using in Steam. Hover over your name at the top of the Steam page and click on "Profile".

Click "Games" on the right side of your account profile page.

You will see a page indicating the name of the PC you are currently connected to Steam and listing the games in your library. It works exactly like the mobile interface of Steam. You can filter your games or sort and scroll them. Installed games read "Ready to play", while games that you can install say "Not installed". You can install them by clicking the download button to their right and they will immediately start the installation. The progress of the download will also appear on this page.

In the future, you can add this page to your favorites and come directly here. The address is, where "NAME" is your Steam Name.

You can also purchase Steam games from the store on the website and immediately start downloading or activating product keys to your Steam account using the webpage Activate a product on Steam .

How to remotely install non-Steam PC games

Services like EA Origin, GOG Galaxy, and Blizzard do not offer similar functionality. However, that does not mean that it is impossible. It simply means that you have to set up a remote desktop tool on your PC . You can then access it remotely from another computer, or even your phone, if you're ready to browse your phone's desktop on a small screen.

Once you have configured the remote desktop, you can do anything on your remote PC, including downloading and installing games. Of course, it is much less convenient and simplified.

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