How to Easily Recycle the Old Electronics You Can’t Sell

A pile of used electronics, including a laptop, headphones, a mouse and a keyboard.Damrong Rattanapong /

We are great believers sell your used gadgets. Your old hardware is probably useful to someone, and it's a pity that it's covered in dust. But not everything can be sold, or it might not be worth your time.

Rather than creating more waste or spending hours looking for a buyer for a $ 2 used gizmo, we recommend recycling your old electronics. It's faster and easier than you think.

Wipe off old technology before recycling (or selling)

As always, you will want erase your material from any personal data before recycling. If it is an old phone, perform a factory reset. If it's an old computer, clean its hard drive. You do not want your personal data left on a device that leaves you.

But what if you have an old hard drive or other storage device that no longer works? If it contains private information, you'd probably be better off destroying the disc than trying to give it away or recycle it. This will not ensure identity thieves can access your tax documents, emails or other private data.

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Just donate to a place (even the broken thing)

A sign of good will in front of trees.Ken Wolter /

Recycle must not be complicated. There is no need to search the Web for twenty different places in the city for make a donation all your equipment. You can probably take all your old technology to a place like Goodwill – yes, even if it's broken, Goodwill will take it.

Goodwill will carry everything from old desktops, laptops and computer monitors to printers, scanners, smartphones and even Microsoft Zune. Other household electronics are also accepted. Like this Goodwill South CarolinaThe website says: "Everything is precious for good will!" If your old equipment can be refurbished and sold, it will be. If it can only be recycled, it will be replaced instead. You do not have to think about it.

If you prefer another donation organization, maybe a local, there is a good chance that they will also accept electronics. Do a search for "electronics recycling" in your city and you'll find other places where you can go. Do you want to support local savings stores that do not recycle everything? Give them your most valuable equipment, then give the old broken equipment to a great deal store or an electronics recycling center. same Best buy proposes the recycling of electronic products in its stores.

It's as simple as that: you can probably use all the technology you want to get rid of in one place. This organization will find the best accommodation for your old equipment and you will not think about it anymore.

You will even have a tax receipt for your problem. (Of course, this is only useful if you detail your deductions.)

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