How to Enable Bold Text on Your iPhone or iPad

The app settings on an iPhone 11 Pro.Justin Duino

Apple is proud of its different fonts. Sometimes, however, the default text size is difficult to read on iPhone and iPad screens. However, you can enable a bold font at the system level and make reading text easier. Here's how you do it.

Enable bold text

To begin, open the "Settings" application. If you can not find it on the home screen of your iPhone or iPad, swipe the screen down and search for it with Projector.

Settings app icon on the iPhone home screen.

Then scroll down and select "Display and Brightness".

Finally, scroll to the bottom of the menu and select "Bold text".

After enabling the "Bold text" option, you should see a larger font in third-party and third-party applications on your iPhone or iPad. Keep in mind that not everything will display bold font.

Adjust the text size

If you want the bold text on your iPhone or iPad to be even easier to read, you can adjust the text size. You can use a built-in tool on your iPhone or iPad to manually resize the text size.

As before, open the "Settings" application. Press "Display and Brightness," then scroll down the screen and press "Text Size."

Use the slider to adjust the text to the desired size. The default setting is the middle, so you can enlarge or reduce the font.

Move the slider until the text reaches the desired size.

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