How to Enable Optimized Battery Charging on Your iPhone

Apple iPhone Battery Health MenuJustin Duino

The iPhone's lithium-ion battery typically has a longer life when it is not fully charged. Apples optimized charge of the battery This feature (loosening with iOS 13) keeps the battery below 80% until a full charge is needed, which reduces unnecessary aging of the battery. Here's how to activate it.

To start, open the "Settings" application on your iPhone. If you can not find the icon, swipe down on your home screen and use the Spotlight search to find the application.

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Apple iPhone click settings

Scroll down and choose the "Battery" option.

Apple Click iPhone Battery

Select "Battery Status".

Battery Health Click Apple iPhone

Press the button next to "Charge Optimized Battery".

Apple iPhone Flip Optimized Battery Charging

Your iPhone will now begin to analyze your charging routine to determine when it should fully charge its battery. If you want to make sure your smartphone is fully charged, follow these steps and disable the optimized charge function of the battery.

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