How to Enable or Disable 3D Touch on an iPhone

It may be that Apple is a little removed from the 3D Touch – it is not available on the iPhone XR at all – but we are always very keen on the options it offers. If this is not the case, you can disable 3D Touch completely.

The 3D Touch has arrived with the iPhone 6s, allowing users to press more firmly on certain elements of the iOS interface to perform actions or reveal additional options. It offers a right click, giving iOS an extra depth. However, this also adds to the complexity and Apple has never been able to make the features that 3D Touch allows users to discover. If you have an iPhone 6s or newer, with the exception of the aforementioned iPhone XR, it is possible that 3D Touch is enabled and has never used it.

With the arrival of the iPhone XR, Apple introduced Haptic Touch, which takes up some of the 3D Touch functionality and places it behind a prolonged pressure gesture. Both gestures, 3D Touch and Haptic Touch, do not appreciate the parity of the features. Haptic Touch does not support "Peek & Pop" keyboard shortcuts and Home screens. If you own the iPhone XR, you can enable or disable Haptic Touch in the same location as 3D Touch.

Here, we'll go through the steps you can take to see if 3D Touch is enabled and, more importantly, turn it on or off as you see fit. Let's start.

How to enable or disable 3D Touch

As is often the case with many options in iOS, enabling or disabling 3D Touch is not a complicated task, but before launching caving via the Settings application. you must know where to look.

Once the settings are open, press "General".

Then, and maybe a little surprisingly, press "Accessibility".

Scroll a short path, then press 3D Touch. You will also see if 3D Touch is activated from here.

As one would expect, turning on or off 3D Touch is like setting the switch to the "on" or "off" position. Make your change, and you are all together.

When 3D Touch is enabled, you can select the desired sensitivity level for 3D Touch, with a lighter setting requiring less firm pressure to activate the function being used.

When 3D Touch is off, convenient features such as "Peek & Pop" will no longer be available, nor access to shortcuts or widgets from the screen icon. welcome the application.

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