How to Enable or Disable the Spell Checker on Android

So everyone knows that his favorite keyboard on Android has an automatic fix, but did you know that Android also has an integrated spell check? If you're really looking to double your spelling – or maybe to get rid of self-correction completely – it's a parameter you'll probably want to activate.

Spell check and automatic correction

One of the first things you probably wonder here is what makes spell checking different from automatic correction. This is actually pretty simple: automatic correction will automatically correct (imagine) dubious text into something that at least looks a bit coherent (which is sometimes annoying). The spelling check, on the other hand, will simply provide a list of suggested possibilities – it will not automatically change anything

The thing is that if you use both at the same time, things can get boring, especially if you use slang or another technically incorrect verbiage. But you will just have to play with and find what works best for how you use your phone.

How to activate the spell checker of Android

This setting should exist on most modern versions of Android, but depending on the manufacturer of your phone, it may be in a slightly different location or under a slightly different name. For example, the stock of Android calls this parameter "Spell Checker", while the Samsung Android calls "Spell Check". Of course, they had to change it

First, scroll down the notification grade and press the gear icon.

From there, scroll down to Languages ​​and Input. On Samsung Galaxy devices, this is in the general management menu; on Android Oreo, is under System.

From the Languages ​​and Entry menu, find the "Spell Checker" option. Again, on Samsung Galaxy phones, this is called Spelling correction; on Android Oreo, you'll find it in the Advanced tab.

At this point, it is quite simple: drag the button to activate the setting.

Once activated, you can type on a misspelled word to get a drop-down list of suggested replacements in any text field.

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