How to Enable Windows 10’s New Light Theme

New bright theme and Windows 10 screen background

May 2019 update of Windows 10 comprises a new light theme and a clearer default screen background that goes with it. Here's how to activate the new theme and get a lighter desktop.

To turn on the light theme, go to Settings> Personalization> Colors. To quickly open the Customization section, right-click on your desktop and select "Customize" or press Windows + I to open the Settings window, then click "Customization".

The Customize option in the context menu of the Windows 10 desktop

Click the "Choose your color" box in the Colors pane and select "Light".

This feature requires your computer to have the May 2019 update, which is Windows 10 version 1903. This option will not be displayed if you are using an older version of Windows 10.

Activation of the light theme in the Windows 10 Settings application

For the old default version of Windows 10 with a dark taskbar and clear applications, select "Custom", set your default Windows mode to "Dark" and set your default application mode to "Clear". list for a dark office Complete with dark windows of the file explorer.

You can choose whether or not your windows have colored title bars of this component, too.

Old dark Windows mode and clear Windows 10 application mode

If you previously used the default Windows 10 screen background, it was replaced by the new one. However, if you use a custom background, the upgrade will not change your default background.

To use the new glossy desktop background of Windows 10, go to Settings> Personalization> Background and select it in "Choose your image".

Selecting the new Windows 10 default desktop background

If for some reason you do not see it here, click on the "Browse" button and go to C: Windows Web 4K Wallpaper Windows. Double-click the img0 file corresponding to the resolution of your desktop.

Default location of Windows wallpaper displaying a new light wallpaper

The new light theme affects parts of Windows such as the taskbar, the Start menu, notification pop-ups, and pop-up menus. This will not affect third-party Windows applications.

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