How to Export an Email from Mac Mail to the Notes App

A PDF of an email exported to the Notes application on a laptop. Khamosh Pathak

If you use the Messaging app regularly, you have the habit of archiving or reporting emails for later. But what if you want to save a particular message for future reference in the Notes application? Well, there is a solution for that!

The Notes app has built-in PDF support, so if you add a PDF to a note, it will appear as an image. This means that you can export an email to PDF and add it to the Notes app.

This can be particularly useful if you are plan a trip. You can export all your receipts and confirmations from the Mail application to PDF, then add them to the Notes application. From there, you can access it on all your devices, even when you’re offline.

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To get started, open the Mail app on your Mac, then select the email you want to add to the Notes app.

Then click on “File” in the menu bar, then select “Export to PDF”.

Choose the destination folder, then click “Save”.

Then open the Notes app and create a new blank note.

Open the Finder app and find the PDF you just exported.

Click and hold on the PDF, then go to the Notes app. Hold your cursor over the empty area of ​​the new note, then release it.

Drag the PDF from the Finder to the Notes application.

The PDF is placed in the Notes application. By default, the Notes application displays the PDF as a full image. If you just want to see a small preview, right-click the PDF, then click “View as small images”.

The Notes app only shows you the first page of the PDF in the note. Double-click the PDF image to open it in the Application overview.

An open PDF of an email in Notes.

however, A look is better. To open a PDF in Quick Look, click on the PDF and press the space bar. The Quick Look window will show you all the pages of the PDF.

A quick overview of a PDF in the Notes app.

If you want to view the full PDF on your iPhone or iPad, you can tap the PDF page, and it will expand directly into the Notes app.

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