How to Factory Reset Windows 10

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If your Windows 10 PC is run slowly or act abnormally, one of the safest ways to fix the problem is to perform a factory reset. This is also recommended if you sell your computer. Here’s how.

Before starting the factory reset process, be sure to save your files. Otherwise, some important data may be irretrievably lost.

When you’re ready to reset your Windows 10 PC to factory settings, open the Windows Settings menu by clicking the Start button and then selecting the Gear icon.

Settings icon in Windows 10

The Settings window now appears. Here, select the “Update and security” option located at the bottom of the window.

Update and security icon in Windows 10 Settings menu

A list of update and security options will now appear in the left pane. Here, select “Recovery”.

recovery option in the left pane

Now you will be in the recovery window. Under “Reset this PC”, read the description carefully, then select the “Start” button.

Start resetting Windows 10

Once selected, the “Reset this PC” window will appear. There are two options to choose from:

Keep my files: This option will keep all of your personal files while removing installed apps and system settings.
Remove everything: This will completely wipe your Windows 10 PC.

Choose the option that suits you best.

Keep your files or delete everything

In the next window you will see a message telling you what will happen when you reset your computer. This message will be different, depending on the method you chose in the previous step.

When you are ready, select the “Reset” button.

Reset this PC

The factory reset of your Windows 10 PC will now start. It may take several minutes, so be patient. Once the process is complete, your computer will restart.

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