How to Force Your Apple Watch to Sync with Your iPhone

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As long as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are activated, your Apple Watch must remain synchronized with your iPhone. But sometimes the Apple Watch just doesn’t sync status, activity, or other data. Here’s how to force your Apple Watch to sync with your iPhone.

To force Apple Watch to sync with your iPhone, you need to reset the sync data. But before you get there, check if all connections between Apple Watch and iPhone are turned on.

Open the Control center on your iPhone by swiping down from the top right corner of the screen. If you have an older iPhone with a home button, swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

Swipe down from the top right to access the Control Center on iPhone

Here, in the “Flip” menu, make sure that the “Bluetooth” and “Wi-Fi” flip-flops are activated.

Press and hold the toggle panel in the control center

If your Apple Watch still doesn’t sync, you can use the forced sync method.

Open the “Watch” application on your iPhone. Use Apple’s built-in function Spotlight Search if you can’t find the app on your smartphone. Then, in the “My watch” tab, select the “General” option.

Tap General in the Watch section

From there, swipe down to the bottom of the page and tap on the “Reset” option.

Tap the Reset option

In the new menu, press the “Reset synchronization data” button.

Tap Reset sync data

Your iPhone will now delete all contacts and calendar data from your Apple Watch, as well as synchronization settings. Once the process is complete, it will start the sync process again, this time syncing all data from Apple Watch to your iPhone (and vice versa). This should resolve your health and activity data synchronization issues in addition to any issues you may encounter with third-party apps.

If you’re still having synchronization issues, the last resort is to dissociate and repair the Apple Watch.

From the “Reset” menu itself, select the “Clear Apple Watch content and settings” option.

Tap Clear Apple Watch content and settings

In the pop-up window, press the “Clear all content and settings” button to confirm.

Confirm to remove content and settings from Apple Watch

Once the process is complete, pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone using the Watch app.

If you’re new to Apple Watch, take a look at our Apple Watch tips article to learn more about hidden features of watchOS.

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