How to Get Refunds for Apps and Games

Some app and game stores offer refunds for digital purchases, and others don't. For example, you can get refunds for Android and iPhone apps or PC games that you buy on Steam or elsewhere.

Apple App Store and Mac App Store

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Apple lets you request refunds for apps you buy, whether you bought them on the iPhone, iPad App Store or Mac App Store. This same method also allows you to claim refunds for digital media like videos and music that you buy from iTunes.

It is not a no questions asked refund policy. You will need to "report a problem" with your purchase through iTunes or the Apple website and wait for a response from customer service. However, if you buy an app or game that isn't working well, it should save you. Just tell Apple that the app did not work properly or did not meet your expectations and that it should refund your purchase. In the past, we have managed to get refunds from Apple using this method.

google play

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Update: Official Google documentation now indicates that within 48 hours of purchasing an app, "you may be able to get a refund based on the details of your purchase". Your mileage may vary.

Google has more generous refund policy that & # 39; Apple. Within the first two hours of purchasing an app, you can request a refund for any reason and automatically get one. So, if an application does not work well or if a game does not meet your expectations, you can resend it without calling customer service. Simply open your order history in the Google Play app and use the "Refund" option for a recent purchase.

If more than two hours have passed, you can submit a refund request and Google Customer Service Representatives will review your request. However, it will not be guaranteed.


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Steam has an excellent refund policy. As long as you've purchased a game in the past two weeks and played it for less than two hours, you can request a refund and automatically receive one. So if you don't like a game that you bought or if it doesn't work properly on your PC, you can get your money back.

Valve reserves the right to deny you refunds if you abuse this feature, but we have used Steam refunds extensively over the years and have received no warnings. As long as you buy games and keep them without paying for them, you're probably fine. However, if you constantly repay games and never keep them, Valve may consider this abuse.


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Origin has a "Great gaming guarantee" this applies to many, but not all, games sold on Origin. All EA games are included, as are some third party games. As the Origin website says: "If you don't like it, return it".

You can only reimburse a game within the first 24 hours after its launch. If you haven't launched the game yet, you can only refund it within the first seven days of purchasing it. It's less time than the two week window of Steam, but you can play as many hours as you like in the first 24 hours, while Steam limits you to a maximum of two hours.

Stores that may offer a refund

Some stores do not guarantee refunds, but offer refunds on a case-by-case basis. You can contact customer support and plead your case with these stores:

  • Snow storm: Blizzard has no published refund policy for its online store, but you can try contact customer service if you want a refund. "Refund the purchase of a game" is one of the options you can select from the Blizzard support site. Of course, you will be much luckier if you bought the game recently.
  • GOG: GOG has a "money back guarantee policy"Which applies to all games sold by GOG. In accordance with policy, if a game you purchase from GOG does not work and GOG support staff cannot resolve the issue for you can get a full refund. This only applies within the first thirty days of buying the game. You can contact GOG customer support if you run into a problem and get a refund if nothing else works.
  • Humble Store: The Humble Store says "refunds are granted on a discretionary basis". However, if you have already played a game or used a game key (such as a Steam key), your order is "probably not eligible for a refund". The humble support site provides instructions for trying to get a refund.
  • Microsoft Store (applications): Microsoft's website clearly states that digital Xbox games are never eligible for refunds. However, Microsoft notes that software (such as Windows 10 apps) that you purchase from the Microsoft Store may be eligible for a refund in some cases.

Stores that never offer refunds

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The above stores offer refunds in some cases, but many stores never do. Here's the shameful list of app and digital game stores that don't offer user-friendly refunds:

  • Amazon Appstore: According Amazon, apps purchased on the Amazon Appstore are not eligible for a refund. Amazon won't refund digital music purchases either, but they to refund accidentally purchased Kindle eBooks.
  • Microsoft Store (Xbox games): Microsoft said "You cannot return a digital game and receive a refund or credit." However, you can pre-ordered refund games and apps that Nintendo and Sony don't let you do. Microsoft has started testing the Steam style "self-service refunds"For some users as of April 2017, but they are not yet available to most users – and may never be.
  • Nintendo eShop: The Nintendo digital games store does not offer any refunds. As Nintendo Support Site says, "All sales (including pre-purchases) are final."
  • Sony PlayStation: Sony PlayStation Store does not offer any refund, even for pre-ordered games that you haven't played yet or games that don't work properly. Like Sony terms of use said it, refunds are never available unless Sony is required to provide them by law.
  • Ubisoft Uplay: Ubisoft says that "all sales of digital content on PC are final". Ubisoft will not offer refund for any content you purchase through Uplay. You may want to buy Ubisoft games from other stores, like Steam, if possible.

Of course, you can always try to contact customer service and request a refund, regardless of the store where you bought something. But, if the store in question has a "no refunds ever" policy, you will have to fight a tough battle. Keep this list in mind when purchasing apps and games.

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