How to Get Spotify to Crossfade Between Songs Like an Actual DJ

When listening to a live DJ, one song does not stop playing, then another after a short break. Instead, the tracks are transformed into each other. A popular technique for doing this is called "crossfading". The two tracks overlap for a few seconds, the volume decreases for the first track as the second one.

By default, Spotify does not add any crossfades. Many artists add transparent transitions to their albums and add a fade to the weird sound. But in the playlists, a song stops playing before the next one begins. DJs call the resulting silence "dead air".

Even if you do not necessarily want the crossfade to always be on, if you're having a party or training, having songs in your playlist transparently transits sounds much better than l & # 39; option. Here's how to activate it in Spotify.

On your computer

Open Spotify, click the down arrow next to your account name, and select Settings.

Scroll down and click Show advanced settings.

Click the button next to Crossfade to activate it.

Use the slider to set the crossfade duration of both tracks. You can go anywhere between 0 and 12 seconds.

On your smartphone

Open Spotify and go to the Your Library tab. Tap the Settings icon at the top right and select Play.

Use the Crossfade slider to set the desired amount of crossfade.

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