How to Hide Your App Folder Names on iPhone or iPad

How to hide folder names in iOS

When you group applications into folders, your iPhone or iPad tries to name them based on their content. But what if you do not want to tag a file? Here's how to erase it completely.

From the start, it sounds pretty easy – just name it with a space, is not it? Nope. When you leave the name of a folder empty or insert only one space, iOS converts the name of the folder back to its old name. Over the years, various workarounds have been adopted, but thankfully, there are still one or two.

The simple option: move your files into the Dock

Items placed in the dock at the bottom of an iPhone or iPad have no name. Moving a folder in the Dock continues this behavior: no name will be displayed. When you tap the folder, you can see the name again, so that it is not gone, but just hidden. This is a fairly obvious option, but it does not solve the problem completely: your file always has a name. If you are simply opposed to folder names in general, read on.

put a folder on the dock put a folder on the dock

The slightly more complicated option: use Unicode and Braille

Although filing your file in the dock is by far the simplest option, we understand that not everyone wants to put files in the dock. If you are looking for a way to have an empty folder on your home screen, there is one solution: use the Unicode character for a braille space as the name of the folder. iOS does not recognize Braille space as real space. He sees it simply as a normal character. It does not replace the empty space with the name of the folder.

To start, copy the following character on your iPhone or iPad by pressing and holding between the brackets, then choosing "Copy": [⠀]. From there, return to your home screen and press and hold the folder until the icons begin to move.

Long-press the folder whose name you want to delete.

Tap the folder to open it, then tap the "X" to erase the name.

Press the "X" to erase the name.

Double-tap the name field and press "Paste" to insert the blank character. Tap "Done" to save the new blank name.

Touch and hold the name field> Paste> Done.

Done and done! From that moment, you can easily copy this blank character from the name of the existing folder and paste it into other folder names. Before you realize it, you'll have tons of nameless folders on your home screens. What could be better?

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