How to Increase the Contrast on Your Mac’s Screen

Increase contrast buttons on MacKhamosh Pathak

In recent years, Apple has modernized the macOS interface by increasing transparency, flattening elements, and adding white space. If you find the new interface difficult to use, try increasing the contrast.

“Increase contrast” is one of the many accessibility features macOS. It helps visually impaired and visually impaired users to read the computer screen more easily, but anyone can use the function to make the interface more readable.

Once activated, each element of the user interface (whether it is simply a text box or a button) is surrounded by a pronounced black border. This makes it much easier to locate a button and know where a section of an application ends and when another begins.

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You can enable this feature in System Preferences in macOS. Click the Apple button in the menu bar, then select “System Preferences”.

Click on the System Preferences button in the Apple menu in the menu bar

Then click on the “Accessibility” button.

Click the Accessibility button in System Preferences

In the left sidebar, select the “Display” option.

Click on the Display option in the sidebar

Here, click on the check mark next to “Increase contrast”.

Click on the option Increase contrast

You will now see that the entire user interface has borders around the elements and, as an added benefit, the transparency effect is gone. When you activate the “Increase contrast” function, macOS also automatically activates the “Reduce transparency” option.

macOS with contrast increase setting enabled

When you wish to deactivate the functionality, return to the Display section in Accessibility and click on the check mark next to the “Increase contrast” option.

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