How to Input Kaomoji on Windows 10 (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Forget the emoji. The latest update of Windows 10, the Updated May, 2019, also supports kaomoji such as (╯ ° □ ° ╯( and (· _ ·) ┳━┳. Use a hidden keyboard shortcut to select your favorite kaomoji and enter it in an application. No copy and paste of sites Web required.

If you do not know kaomoji, they are popular in Japan. They are not like emoji, which are pictures. Kaomoji are more like traditional text-based emoticons, but you can understand them without tilting your head to the left. For example, 🙂 is an emoji and ^ _ ^ is a kaomoji.

This feature is part of The emoji selector of Windows 10. To open it, press Windows +. (it's a point) in any application. Click on the icon 😉 at the top of the list to display a kaomoji library.

If you do not see the icon 😉 here, you have not yet installed this update on your PC. ('· ·) ノ (._. `)

Use the icons at the bottom of the list to browse the different categories of kaomoji. First, you can see more things – use the mouse wheel or drag the scroll bar to the right to scroll through the list.

The main tab on the left contains your last used kaomoji, allowing you to easily access those you use frequently. However, there is no way to pin favorites aside from that. ¯ _ (ツ) _ / ¯

You can also fully navigate this interface with your keyboard. Press Windows +. to open it, press the Tab key twice to select the top icons, press the right arrow key on your keyboard to select the kaomoji icon, press enter to activate it, press on the Tab key to move the focus to the kaomoji library, choose one with the arrow keys and press enter to insert it. You can also press Tab again to select the bottom bar and use the arrow and enter keys to choose a kaomoji type.

You can now quickly insert kaomoji into any application.

(• _ •)> ⌐ ■ – ■

(⌐ ■ _ ■)

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