How to Insert an Image Inside of Text in PowerPoint

Text with image inside

The title text of a PowerPoint presentation is usually quite large. If your presentation can benefit from changing the boring black title text to something a little more color, use an image instead.

Open your PowerPoint presentation and go to the slide that contains the text we’re going to insert picture as a fill color. Make sure the text is large enough to recognize the image you are inserting.

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In this example, we will use the following:

Font type: Arial black
Cut: 88 pt
Format: Bold

Font showing previous specifications

Once you’re ready, select text by clicking and dragging your cursor over the text.

Text highlighting GIF in PowerPoint

The “Format format” tab appears at the top of the menu bar. Here, select “Text Fill” in the “WordArt Styles” group.

Select the Text Fill option

In the drop-down menu that appears, select “Image”.

Image option in drop-down menu

The “Insert Images” dialog box appears, with three options for selecting an image. Select the option that best suits you. Note: Although searching from the icon library is technically an option, it will simply leave your text disfigured.

Insert Image dialog box

From a file

Selecting this option will display the File Explorer (Finder for Mac). Here, navigate to the location of the image you want to insert, select it, and click the “Insert” button.

Select and insert an image from the file explorer

Online Images

Selecting this option will bring up an online image search powered by Bing. Enter the type of image you want to search for in the search bar or select a subject under the search bar to open a library of related images.

Search for images in Bing

Whichever method you choose, locate and select the desired image and click “Insert”.

select bing image option

No matter where you have selected the image – your own file or from an online search – once you have selected “Insert”, the image will appear inside the text.

Text with image inside

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