How to Join Netflix’s Test Program and Try Out New Features Early

Netflix frequently tests new features and designs on a small number of users before releasing them to everyone. The company tested things like a Skip Intro button or a data saver weeks or months before someone else got them. If you want to be among the users who can try out new features, here's how to join the Netflix test program.

To join the test group, open Netflix in your browser, hover over your profile icon at the top right and click Account.

In the Settings section, click "Test Participation".

On the right side of the screen, activate the button to join the test program.

Netflix will not let you know when you preview a new feature. It is possible that you do not get the same tests as everyone else, but you should notice some changes before others. If you never want to stop being a test subject, you can go back to this section to disable failover and return to your normal Netflix experience.

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