How to Kill Your Facebook Addiction On Your iPhone

I was a big fan of Facebook. This is where all my friends shared interesting links and posted photos. Unfortunately, it's now a wasteland filled with older parents and this strange man I met in 2011. Everyone has moved to Instagram.

The problem was that my default procrastination behavior did not change. If I waited for a train where I had three minutes to kill, I was going – hardly in all conscience – to access Facebook and start blindly scrolling past publications that did not interest me. It was a loss of energy, but it was a hard habit to break. If you're in the same situation, here's how to remove your dependency on Facebook on your iPhone.

Uninstall the application

The first step (and it goes very far in itself) is to remove the official Facebook app from your phone. If you want to access Facebook, you can use the mobile site. This makes it a bit more difficult for you to open Facebook and start scrolling automatically.

For many people, that's all that is needed. This small extra step is a sufficient barrier for them to use Facebook only when they want it. The website is also a bit slower than the app, which makes the experience even less rewarding. If, like me, this is not enough, read on.

Set a screen time limit

In iOS 12, Apple has added Screen time: a feature that records the time you spend using different apps. You can also use it to limit the time you can spend on all social media or just on Facebook.

If you just want to spend a little less time on Facebook (and it works both with the app and with the website), you can set a screen time limit. Screen Time warns you when you approach your limit and, once you reach it, prevents you from opening the application or consulting the website, even if you can work around this problem by just pressing Ignore Limit. So, it may not break your dependency, but at least you'll be more aware of how much time you spend on it.

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Kill the newswire

The last step, if you really want to prevent yourself from scrolling through your news feed without thinking, is to delete it completely. The free Feedless app uses the blocking features of iOS content to completely hide the news from the Facebook website. You can still publish statuses, check notifications, and do all the rest: you can not scroll without thinking. (Note: Feedless can also block your Instagram and Twitter feeds in Safari for $ 0.99 / month).

To put it in place, Download Feedless on the App Store. Go to Settings> Safari> Content Blockers and enable Feedless.

When you visit Facebook in Safari, you will not see any posts in the news feed. If you wish, you can disable it, but it means giving up.

Breaking all addiction is difficult, and Facebook is no exception. By combining the website, Screen Time and Feedless, I managed to get rid of my habit. You can also.

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