How to Leave an iOS or iPadOS Public Beta Program

How to quit the iOS public beta program

Apple now makes it easy to install iOS beta using live updates. Although simple to install, ads on iOS can also be buggy. Fortunately, you can leave the iOS public beta anytime.

How the public beta program works for iOS and iPadOS

Apple's iOS / iPadOS public beta program works with a profile on your iPhone or iPad. After the profile is installed, you can request the beta version of the operating system from the Software Update section.

You can choose to leave the public beta program at any time. However, removing the public beta profile will have no effect on your iOS or iPadOS device. You will still use the beta version. You can continue to run it and wait for the public version to be upgraded. If you want, you can also go back to the previous stable version of iOS or iPadOS. We will cover all the options available below.

A word about backups

It's best to back up your device before making big changes, such as installing a beta version or leaving the beta program. This is especially important before installing the public beta.

Apple does not allow users to restore a backup from a version higher than the one you use. For example, if you have a backup of the public beta 2 for iOS 13, but you return to iOS 12.4, you will not be able to restore your backup using iTunes.

You will need to configure your device as new or you will need to restore the backup from iCloud or from a third party application. If you exit the iOS / iPadOS public beta program and choose to restore the stable version, without older backup, you will lose all your data.

Before you start, make a backup using iTunes. Open the iTunes application on your computer and connect your iOS device. Then go to the device management screen by clicking on the "Device" icon in the top toolbar. From there, look for the "Backups" section and select "This Computer." Then click on "Save Now".

Back up your iPhone or iPad with iTunes

ITunes does not support it, but a third-party application allows you to back up data from a beta version and restore it to a previous stable version. You can use the dr.fone app make a full backup and restore the full backup, or just a few applications at a later date.

How to leave the public beta iOS or iPadOS

As noted above, quitting the iOS or iPadOS public beta program is as simple as removing the public beta profile.

Open the Settings application and navigate to the "General" section. Scroll down the list and press the "Profile" option.

Select the profile section of the Settings app

You will see your Public Beta iOS profile here. Tap on it.

Tap on the installed profile

In the next screen, tap "Delete profile". Apple will ask you to enter the authentication code of the device.

Delete iOS Beta Profile

From the next pop-up, tap "Delete" to confirm.

Confirm to delete the profile

Now the Public Beta profile has been removed from your device (the process will be complete once you restart your device). You will no longer receive beta updates on your iOS or iPadOS device.

How to downgrade to the stable iOS or iPadOS version

You can downgrade to the latest stable iOS version at any time using iTunes.

Open the iTunes application on your Mac or PC and connect your iPhone or iPad. In the top toolbar, click on the "Device" icon to access the Device Management screen. Here, click the "Restore iPhone" or "Restore iPad" button depending on your device. Before doing this, make sure to Disable Find My iPhone or Find My iPad.

Restore the iPhone or the iPad to downgrade to iOS 12

iTunes will now check your device and download the latest stable version of iOS or iPadOS. Once downloaded, it clears all the device, then installs the operating system.

Once your iOS device is restored, it will return to its factory settings. If you have a backup, click the "Restore Backup" button to start the restore process. Once the Hello screen is displayed on your iPhone or iPad, you can start using your device.

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