How to Lock Apple Notes on Your iPhone, iPad, and Mac

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There are certain things you prefer not to let anyone see, including personal data or sensitive photos. The easiest way to protect them is to add them to a locked note in Apple Notes on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Here’s how.

How to lock notes on iPhone and iPad

You can lock individual notes in the Apple Notes app on the iPhone and iPad using the note lock feature.

Open the “Notes” application and access the list of notes. Use Apple’s built-in function Spotlight Search if you can’t find the app on your home screen. Find the note you want to lock and swipe left.

Swipe left on a note to reveal options

Here, hit the lock icon.

Tap the Lock button in the note app

In the pop-up window, enter your password. If this is the first time you have used the lock function, you will be prompted to create a password. Once you are done, press “OK”.

Enter the password, then press the OK button

The note will now be locked. You can see it by the lock icon on the left edge of the window.

Locate the lock button next to a note

When you tap the note, the app tells you that the note is locked. From here, press “View Note”.

Press the View Note button

If you have activated Face ID or Touch ID, you can authenticate yourself using biometrics. You can also enter your password.

Try the password option in the Notes app

Once the note is unlocked, you can edit it. You can go back, browse and go back to find that the note is still unlocked. If you quit the application and relaunch it, the note will be locked again.

You can also manually lock the note by pressing the “Lock” button in the upper toolbar.

Press the Lock button to lock or unlock the note

If you want to delete the lock, press the Share button.

Tap Share in the note

In the iOS or iPadOS share sheet, tap “Remove lock”. After a second, you will see a “Lock removed” message, and the lock will disappear.

tap the Remove Lock button in the iOS share sheet

If you have a lot of notes, here is a way to quickly filter only locked notes. From the Notes application, press the “Search” bar, then choose the “Locked Notes” filter.

In the Search field, choose the Locked Notes filter

How to Lock Notes on Mac

Note lock is also available on Mac. And if you use the same Apple ID on your Mac, you will see that all your notes from iPhone or iPad are synchronized and available on your computer.

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If you’ve already created a Notes password on your iPhone or iPad, you can use the same password to unlock Notes on your Mac.

To lock a note on your Mac, open the “Notes” application and select the note you want to lock.

Now, in the upper toolbar, click on the “Note” icon, and from the drop-down menu, select the “Lock Note” option.

Click the Lock Note button

In the next pop-up window, enter your Apple Notes password. If this is the first time you’ve used note lock on your Mac, you’ll be asked to create a password. Once you are done, click “OK”.

Click the OK button after entering the password

Although the note has been added to the list of locked notes, it will still not be locked. In fact, if you go to another app and come back, you will find that the note is always unlocked and editable.

You will have to manually lock the note by clicking on the “Lock” button and selecting the “Close all locked notes” option.

Click the Close All Locked Notes button

Now when you select the note, the Notes app tells you that it is locked. Enter your password and press “Back” to unlock the note.

Enter the Apple Notes password, then press Enter.

If you want to remove the lock for a note, click the “Note” button in the toolbar, then select the “Remove lock” option.

Click the Remove Lock button

To filter only locked notes, click on the “Search” bar in the upper toolbar, then select the “Locked notes” option from the suggested searches.

Choose Locked Notes option in Search

Now that you know how to lock sensitive notes in Apple Notes, check out our guide on how the Notes app can help you. organize your thoughts.

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