How to Lock Your Windows 10 PC Remotely

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Android and Apple have long been a way to track and disable your gadgets remotely. Microsoft has also joined the club by allowing you to track and lock your Windows PC using the Find My Device feature on Windows 10.

Finding my device uses your device's location data to help you find it when it's lost or stolen. You can use the same service to make sure that the device is locked so that no one can use it, as well as to display information on how people can return it to you.

The device must meet some requirements to use the feature:

It must be connected to the Internet.
You must have already activated Find my device on the PC.
You must have an account on the device that has administrator privileges and that is a Microsoft account. You can not do this with a local user account

Assuming your device meets these criteria, let's see how to use Find My Device.

How to lock your Windows 10 PC remotely

Open a web browser at Microsoft account page, enter your password and click on "Login".

Sign in to your Microsoft account

On the main page, click the "View Details" link below the device you want to lock.

Click on Show Details

On the next page, click on "Find my device".

Click Find My Device.

If the location of your device indicates that it is in an unexpected location, click "Lock" to lock your device.

Locking clicks

Locking your device disconnects all active users and disables local user accounts. Click Next. "

Click Next

On the next screen, you can set up a personalized message to help people return your device. The message appears on the lock screen of your device when someone turns it on.

Enter the locked screen message, and then click Lock.

Afterwards, if you think your account is compromised, we suggest that you change your password for more security. Once you have found your device, you can connect to it using the administrator account of your PC.

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