How to Make a Roux (the Secret to Rich Soups and Sauces)

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Whether you're making a creamy, creamy white sauce for a Thanksgiving dinner or making a homemade macaroni with cheese, you need to prepare a redhead first. Here's how.

You had a lot of dishes that use a roux, even if you did not know it. Learn the secret to soups and rich sauces by following these easy steps.

What's a Roux?

Let's start with the basics. If you are wondering how to pronounce this French word, omit the "X" – it is pronounced "roo". Made from equal parts of flour and fat, roux is used to thicken sauces, sauces, soups, etc. Although you can use any fat to make a roux, clarified butter is traditionally used in many recipes.

Clarified butter is a beautiful, golden-colored butter made by removing protein from water and milk. When you remove the components from the water and milk, the butter can be heated to a higher temperature and does not burn as fast. Do not panic, however, you can undoubtedly make a red with old ordinary butter; just keep an eye on it and do not let it burn.

How to make a red

Perhaps you have only used cornstarch to thicken the soup or sauce. Learning how to make a red is super easy nutritional value.

An important thing to keep in mind is that you need less cornstarch to thicken than if you use a roux. Although using a cornstarch mix is ​​quick and convenient, if you're looking for succulent soups or stews, a roux is always the best solution. Follow these three steps to make one.

Warm up your fat

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Whether you choose to use melted bacon fat, butter or even olive oil, you have a choice, but make sure it complements the dish you prepare. For example, if you are preparing a bacon and cheese macaroni, once your bacon is cooked, use this delicious remaining liquid fat to give your red a maximum of flavor.

Stir the flour

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Remember that the ratio is always equal to fat and flour; to be precise, measure it by weight, not by volume. So, if you have a digital scale in your kitchen, use it. If you do not have a scale, do not worry, you will still be a beautiful red.

The use of a whisk helps to incorporate the flour into the butter without leaving large pieces. You will notice that by combining flour and butter, it forms a thick and pasty consistency. You will want to cook the roux for at least a minute or two so that the taste of the pasty flour disappears.

Add a liquid

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Creating a roux for a sauce will usually be your first step. the addition of liquid will come after the end of your roux. When you add liquid to a roux, the starch molecules contained in the flour absorb the liquid and expand, creating a thick sauce or soup.

Your red is already hot, so adding your hot liquid will create gentle and pleasant results. Do not forget that adding a cold red to a hot liquid or a cold liquid to a hot red can create a lumpy sauce that is not very pleasant for the palaces.

Different varieties of Roux

A recipe can use different variations of roux; whether white, blond or brown, we are here for you. The duration of cooking a roux will make its color darker and give it different flavors.

You only cook a white roux for a few minutes, until it turns a pale yellow color, just enough to eliminate the taste of the flour. Use white roux for something like a fish chowder or béchamel sauce.

A blond redhead uses the same steps but is cooked for about a minute and is darker in color. You can use a blond red for cheese sauces and light gravies.

Finally, a less common brown roux is cooked for several minutes or until it turns brown. Brown red is used for brown sauces as a Spanish or half-glaze.

What types of recipes use red?

You have already learned some classic dishes that use a roux to create a creamy and desirable, but here are some examples of recipes that will probably require roux.

If you are making a gratin dish, such as a cauliflower or Brussels sprout au gratin, prepare a blond redhead before mixing the liquids that your recipe calls for.

Rather than using a box of mushroom cream for your chicken pie, try creating a roux. Mix some cream and seasonings to create a unique pot pie.

Avoid Alfredo sauce purchased in stores; create your own version without preservatives. Start with a roux, then add the chicken broth, cream and freshly grated parmesan cheese.

Nothing better than waking up with cookies and homemade sauce. Test a few ingredients until you get your best version of sausage sauce. Your family will love it.

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