How to Manage Your iTunes Store and App Store Password Preferences

Password Settings screen for iTunes displayed on the iPhoneKhamosh Pathak

Apple makes it easy to download an app or rent a movie on your iPhone or iPad. But what if you want to change the behavior of the default password for App Store and iTunes Store? Here's how to manage your password preferences.

Disable Touch ID and Face ID for App Store and iTunes Store

If you use a modern iPhone with Touch ID or Facial identity, you will not be prompted to set your password preference in the App Store app. Touch ID and Face ID will replace your previous preferences (if any).

As such, if you do not want authentication to be requested for the purchase of applications, you will always receive a Touch ID or Face ID prompt. The only way to access these password management settings is to disable Touch ID or Face ID authentication for the App Store and the iTunes Store first. .

To do this, open the "Settings" application and go to the "Face ID and Code" or "Touch ID and Code" section, depending on your device.

Click on the Facial ID and Access Code section in the settings.

From the next screen, enter your lockscreen access code to authenticate yourself.

Enter your password

Here, press the button next to "iTunes & App Store" to disable face ID authentication or Touch ID for App Store and iTunes Store.

Tap the button next to iTunes and App Store

Once you do that, The facial identity and touch ID will be disabled for the App Store and the iTunes Store. You will need to enter the password each time you purchase and download apps. You can learn how to configure these settings in the section below.

Manage password preferences for the App Store and the iTunes Store

Once face ID or Touch ID authentication is turned off, a brand new Password Preferences section will be unlocked. To find it, go to the top of the Settings application and press your name.

Select your name at the top of the application Settings.

Here, select the option "iTunes & App Store".

Select iTunes and App Store on your account page.

Tap on the recently unlocked "Password Settings" item.

Tap Password settings

You will now see two sections. In the "Purchasing and Integrated Purchasing" section, you can switch to the "Request after 15 minutes" option to prevent the App Store from asking for your password or performing a verification every time you buy an app or an in-app purchase (up to 15 minutes passes).

Change password settings for the App Store

In the "Free Downloads" section, you will find the "Password Required" feature. You can disable it if you do not want to receive a password each time you download a free item.

Toggle the Require Password setting

Once you have configured the settings as you please, simply go back and start using the App Store and the iTunes Store to download applications and make purchases. You will no longer receive any invitations to use the Face ID or Touch ID.

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