How to Move Downloaded Nintendo Switch Games to microSD Card

Nintendo Switch Hero - Version 2

If your Nintendo Switch is running out of internal storage, you can easily move games you’ve already downloaded from Nintendo eShop to a Micro SD card without having to download them again. Here’s how.

Requirements and exceptions

With version 10.0.0 or later of the Switch system software, Nintendo allows you to move the software from internal system memory to a Micro SD card inserted into the switch (and vice versa). This method only works for games downloaded from Nintendo eShop. Software stored on Playing cards cannot be moved to microSD storage.

Nintendo also lists the following caveats in the system configuration during the copying process:

You cannot move software or data while reading or downloading.
Recorded data and some update data cannot be moved.
Once the software has been updated, some data may be stored outside the travel destination.

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How to copy a switching set from system memory to the microSD card

First, launch the system settings by tapping the sun icon on the Switch home screen.

Nintend Switch: select System Settings on the home screen

Go to Data Management, then select “Move data between system / microSD card”.

Select Data Management on Nintendo Switch

In the “Move data between system / microSD card” screen, select “Move to microSD card”.

Select move to microSD card on Nintendo Switch

You will be presented with a list of games stored in system memory that can be moved to the microSD card. Scroll through the list and select the game (or games) you want to move using the blue check boxes next to them. You can move more than one game at a time if you have enough free space on your microSD card.

When you are ready, select the “Move data” button.

Select software to switch to Nintendo Switch

The system settings will ask you to confirm that you want to move the selected game (s). Select “Move”.

Confirm the move of the software on Nintendo Switch

You will see a progress indicator when the software is copied to the microSD card.

Moving software data to Nintendo Switch

When the process is complete, you will see a message “Data moving complete”.

Data movement completed on Nintendo Switch

Then you can exit the system settings and use the switch as usual. Good game!

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