How to Open Mozilla Firefox Using Command Prompt on Windows 10

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You can launch applications and programs using the command prompt—And Mozilla Firefox is no exception. You can also use the command prompt to launch Firefox in incognito mode or open a specific website at launch. Here’s how.

To launch Mozilla Firefox using the command prompt, you must already have downloaded and installed Firefox on your Windows 10 PC.

Launch Firefox using the command prompt

Open Command Prompt by typing “cmd” into the Windows search bar and selecting “Command Prompt” from the search results.

Command Prompt application in Windows Search

In the command prompt, run this command:

start firefox

start the firefox command

Mozilla Firefox will now open normally.

Open a specific site in Firefox using the command prompt

Instead of launching Firefox and then entering a URL in the web browser to visit a site, you can do both at the same time using the command prompt.

Open Command Prompt (type “cmd” in Windows Search and select “Command Prompt”) and run this command:

start firefox

Replace with the URL of the site you want to visit. For example:

launch firefox

start Firefox with a specific site code

Firefox will launch and open the specified site.

Launch Firefox in incognito mode using the command prompt

Using Mozilla Firefox in incognito mode clears your search and browsing history when you log out of browsing.

To launch Firefox in incognito mode, open the command prompt (type “cmd” in Windows Search and select “Command Prompt”) and run this command:

start firefox -privé

Command to start Firefox in private mode

Firefox will now launch in private browsing mode.

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