How to Paste a Phone Number into the iPhone’s Phone App

Apple iPhone Phone app icon

If you’re using an iPhone and see a phone number in a note or on a website, you can often tap it directly to make a call. But if this special link does not appear, you can also “Copy” the phone number and “Paste” it directly into the Phone application. Here’s how.

First, find the number you want to paste in the dialer in the Phone app. It could be in a note, on a web page, in a word processing document, or any other application with text that you can select. Place your finger on the number and hold it down for a while, then release.

When the iPhone clipboard menu appears, select “Copy.”

Then exit your home screen and open the Phone app by tapping on the green phone icon.

Tap the green phone icon to open the Phone app on iPhone.

In the Phone application, press the “Keypad” button to open the dialer.

On the Keypad screen, locate the blank white area at the top of the screen that normally displays the phone number when you dial it. Place your finger on this area and hold it for a moment, then release.

Press and hold in the number display area, then release in the iPhone Phone app.

After releasing your finger, a small “Paste” button will appear. Tap on it.

After pressing Paste, the phone number you copied earlier will appear. To call him, press the green call button at the bottom of the screen.

Press the green call button to place a call on the iPhone.

Repeat with as many numbers as you want. This is a very practical little advice!

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