How to Permanently Uninstall Microsoft Teams on Windows 10

The Microsoft Teams login window that appears at startup.

If Microsoft Teams continues to reinstall on your Windows PC and start up, there is a solution. You can not simply uninstall Microsoft Teams in the usual way: you must uninstall it twice.

It's silly, but that's how it works. Specifically, you will need to uninstall "Microsoft Teams" and "Teams-wide Installer". If you only uninstall the Microsoft Teams application, the computer-wide installation program will reinstall it each time you connect to your PC. To completely uninstall teams, you must remove both applications.

To uninstall both, go to Settings> Applications> Applications and Features in Windows 10.

Under Applications and Features, search for "Teams." Uninstall the setup program from both Microsoft teams and teams.

Uninstall teams and setup program at the computer scale from Settings.

You can also use the classic configuration panel uninstall these applications. Go to Control Panel> Programs> Uninstall a Program, search for "Teams" and uninstall the installation program from both Microsoft teams and teams.

Remove Microsoft Teams via Control Panel.

You have finished! The next time you log in to your PC, the teams will not reinstall automatically. It will remain removed from your system until you download and install on purpose.

As Microsoft website As a reminder, teams will also be uninstalled if you uninstall Office from your system. Microsoft Office seems to automatically install teams and its setup program at the computer scale in many cases.

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