How to Prevent Storage Sense From Deleting Your Downloaded Files on Windows 10

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Meaning of storage is the replacement of Disk Cleanup for the modern world. It frees up space on your computer by removing items such as trash content, temporary Internet files, and temporary files from applications. This also includes the Downloads folder, but you can change it if you do not want Storage Sense to empty it.

We have already mentioned how the The Free Up Space tool of Windows 10 will delete your downloads. default (although you can turn it off too). Storage Sense is the automatic equivalent of this tool and is the intended replacement of the venerable Disk Cleanup tool. By default, Storage Sense considers your Downloads folder as a temporary folder, removing anything older than 30 days when it is run. If you use your downloads as a more permanent storage area for downloads, you can prevent Storage Sense from deleting your downloads.

How to prevent storage from deleting your downloaded files

Open the Settings application by pressing Win + I and then clicking on "System."

Click on the System Settings icon

On the left side of the System page, click the "Storage" category.

Click Storage

Under the "Storage Direction" section on the right, click on the "Change the way we are freeing space automatically" link.

Change the way Windows frees up space

Now open the drop-down menu "Delete files from the Downloads folder" and select the option "Never".

Never select from the drop-down menu

Once you're done, Smart Sense continues to run periodically, but leaves your valuable downloads unattended.

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