How to Quickly Create a Note on iPhone or iPad

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If you want to capture ideas on the go, Apple’s Notes app is a great way to do it. When a good idea comes to mind, it can seem too complicated to find and launch the app on your device. Fortunately, there is a simple way to quickly access Notes using a shortcut in Control Center.

How to launch the Control Center

Control Center is a collection of shortcuts to commonly used tasks, such as adjusting screen brightness, volume, playing songs, etc. It also allows you to quickly launch features such as turning on the flashlight or taking a photo.

In the next step, we will add a shortcut to launch Notes. But first, here’s how to launch Control Center itself.

iPhone X or later / iPad running iOS 12 or later: Swipe down from the top right corner of the screen.
iPhone 8 or earlier / iPad running iOS 11 or earlier: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen. (Control Center first appeared on iOS 7).

How to launch Control Center on iOS

One of the more convenient features of Control Center is that you can launch it even without unlocking the device, making accessing your shortcuts much faster.

Add Notes shortcut to Control Center

To quickly launch notes on your device, we will add a shortcut to the application in the Control Center. Here’s how.

Open Settings, scroll down until you find Control Center, and then tap it.

Select Control Center in Settings on iOS

In the Control Center, press “Customize controls”.

Select Customize controls in Control Center iOS

You will be presented with a list of functions that you can choose to add to the Control Center.

Scroll down to the “Notes” option and tap it.

Add notes to Control Center on iOS

The Notes icon will be added to the “Include” list at the top of the screen. You can change the order of the icons in the Control Center by rearranging them in this list.

Notes added to Control Center on iOS

Now exit the settings by returning to your home screen or another application.

Swipe the edge of the screen to launch Control Center (see instructions above). You should see the Notes icon (which looks like a small notepad with a pencil) on the screen.

Tap the Notes icon to launch it.

Notes shortcut on Control Center on iOS

The Notes application will open on the screen. Start typing.

Example of using Notes on iOS

Whenever you want to quickly take a note, launch Control Center by swiping your finger across the screen, tap the Notes icon, and you’ll be immediately redirected to the app.

By default, Control Center allows you to write new notes even when the device is locked. Existing notes are not accessible unless you unlock the device with your password. To change these settings, visit Settings> Notes> Access notes from the lock screen.

Access notes from lock screen settings in iOS

How to Delete Notes from Control Center

If you want to delete notes from your Control Center, follow these steps.

Go to Settings> Control Center.

Select Control Center in Settings on iOS

Tap “Customize controls”.

Select Customize controls in Control Center iOS

Find the Notes entry in the list (with a red minus sign in a circle next to it) and tap it. It will be removed from the Control Center.

Removing Notes from Control Center on iOS

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