How to Quickly Make a Mac Photo Slideshow With Preview

When you double-click a photo in the Windows File Browser, you can use the arrow keys to quickly scroll through each photo in that folder. Open a photo in Preview on MacOS, however, and pressing the arrow keys does nothing. This makes it difficult to have a quick slideshow.

Of course, you can quickly create a slideshow with Photos but only for the photos you imported. And you can press the space bar to view the images in Quick Look, but there is no way to make a slide show full screen with that.

I 've been using a Mac for years and I thought it was the end, but it turns out you can quickly use Preview to quickly look at a bunch of pictures – it' you just open them all in Preview at once

First, make sure Preview is on your dock – if it is not, open it.

Then drag all the pictures you want into your improvised slide show on the Preview icon.

The easiest thing to do is to go to a folder, press Command + A to select everything, then drag it to Preview. You can drag an entire folder, but the order of the files has been strange in our tests: it is better to simply drag the files.

Preview will open a new window as usual, but with a sidebar displaying all the photos you have just opened.

You can use the arrow keys to quickly switch between images. Press the green button full screen at the top left and you have a quick slide show. This is the perfect solution for when you want to quickly show somebody a lot of pictures you have in a folder.

In some cases, a series of images may open in multiple windows. There 's a method of sorting things out, it' s lost to me. Fortunately, you can stop the behavior altogether. Click Preview> Preferences on the menu bar, and then navigate to the "Pictures" tab.

Next to "When opening files" check "Open groups of files in the same window". This ensures that your improvised slide shows include all your photos.

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