How to Recover Deleted Windows 10 Sticky Notes

The Sticky Notes application of Windows 10 is a powerful note-taking solution, but it does not allow you to restore deleted notes. Although this feature is not part of the desktop application, there is a way to recover your deleted notes.

How to recover deleted sticky notes

You have accidentally deleted a reminder containing important information, but the desktop application has no way of recovering or even seeing the items you have deleted. Well, thanks to Sticky Notes syncing everything to the cloud, you can now recover any notes that you have deleted, directly from your Microsoft Outlook account.

Note: To access this feature, you must log in with a Microsoft account on Windows 10. In addition, Microsoft only retains your sticky notes as long as your deleted items folder keeps them, usually for 30 days.

Fire and sign in to your Microsoft account that you use for Windows 10.

Outlook login page

Once logged in, scroll down the left pane and click on "Deleted Items".

Click on deleted items

Scroll down the list until you see the items you want to recover. If you have multiple items, first click the balloon next to each item and then click "Restore."

Select items and recover

The selected items disappear from the folder and allow you to wonder if something has happened. When you go back to the desktop app, nothing seems to have changed. This is because the synchronization process is a bit slow and you have to manually add the recovered notes to your desktop.

From the desktop application, click the three-point menu button on any note, then click on "Grade List."

Click on the list of menu notes

A list of all notes is available here. You can easily search, delete and view everything in this list. Right-click the previously deleted note, and then click "Open Note."

Right-click Note, and then open the note again.

If, for some reason, the recovered note does not appear in the note list, click the setting button in the upper right corner.

Click on the configuration

Scroll through the settings until you see the "Synchronize Now" button and click on it.

Click Synchronize Now

Return to your list of notes and follow the previous steps so that your note reappears on your desktop.

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